The Minister of Tourism advocates making environmental sustainability compatible

The Palacio de Congresos de Torremolinos brings together nearly 2,000 beach entrepreneurs from the region in the XLII Exhibition of Hospitality and Beach Articles’ EXPOPLAYA’’
Andalucía has to persist in its promotional strategies in the markets as a destination open 24 hours a day. day and the 365 days of the year, especially those that refer to the use and enjoyment of the beaches, the segment -the sun and beaches- that attracts 68 percent of the tourists that visit the region (29.6 million in 2017). ). In this sense, the Minister of Tourism and Sports of the Junta de Andalucía, Francisco Javier Fernández, has advocated to make compatible the environmental sustainability policies of the Andalusian coastal strip with the economic and social sustainability that this industry supposes. “The conjunction of those three pillars is what makes a destination truly sustainable “, he has signed.
The councilor today opened next to the mayor of Torremolinos, José Ortiz, the XLII Exhibition of Hospitality and Beach Items ‘EXPOPLAYA 2018′ which is held in a unique day at the Congress Palace of this town. Organized by the federations Andalusia (FAEPLAYAS) and Spain (FESEMPLA) of Businessmen of Beaches, both organizations that presides over Norberto del Castillo, the business conclave, of regional scope but that already adds to representatives of the sector of the coasts of Galicia, Catalonia , Levante and Mallorca, and also Europeans integrated into the EFEBE common employers’ association, about 2,000 entrepreneurs from the sector – restaurant concessionaires, kiosks, hammock plots and nautical areas in the five Andalusian coastal provinces – meet at this forum and annual trade exhibition It analyzes the administrative situation of its licenses, the facilities modernization plans and the innovations of customer services.

Quality of the tourist offer

Fernández has alluded to the strategic role of the segment of ‘sun and beaches’ in the Andalusian tourist offer, first destination of national tourism and among the top positions of international markets, with growth in 2017 in the United Kingdom, Germany and also in Central European countries . “The sun and beaches is a reference for Andalusia that perfectly complements any other offer that our region makes”. The councilor has considered it a priority to continue advancing in the criterion of integral quality of the Andalusian tourism brand as a formula to compete with guarantees against destinations in the Mediterranean that make the low price its competitive weapon.

The mayor of Torremolinos, José Ortiz, leading destination of the sun and beaches segment of the Costa del Sol, has abounded in the criteria of increasing quality and innovation in the offer as the challenges facing the tourism sector and that is undertaking the municipality itself. Ortiz has alluded to the process of transformation of the tourism model that is addressing the town, with a comprehensive reform of the design of the urban center and the incorporation of new tourist attractions and the diversification of its offer, as key elements for capturing segments complementary to the sun and beach.

“Torremolinos is working for quality, and within it to show on the coastal strip the Blue Flags and be accredited with the obtaining of the ‘Q’ of Tourist Quality”, has announced-

The beach sector has moved the counselor’s concern about the restrictive criterion that the new environmental guide of Andalusia intends to apply to the exploitation of Andalusian beaches throughout the year, a factor considered decisive in the fight against seasonality. In this sense, the owner of the branch explained the joint work already developed by the Ministry of Tourism and Environment of the Junta de Andalucía to, within the criteria of sustainability of the coastal strip, can differentiate between natural beaches and the purely urban ones. “We believe that sustainability does not only have an environmental character but also an economic and social one, and the combination of these three pillars is what makes a destination truly sustainable”.

EXPOPLAYA becomes the most important meeting of the sector in Spain. This meeting forum for entrepreneurs, their suppliers and representatives of public administrations is held in a single day and brings together in its commercial exhibition about 70 companies that present their products, services and efficient solutions for companies in the sector of ‘sun and beaches’, both in facilities and equipment, supplies and technological solutions.