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Ortiz encourages entrepreneurs of the second promotion of the coworking space

Ortiz encourages entrepreneurs of the second promotion of the coworking space Lead innovation in the development of products and services directly linked to tourism and its various subsectors as an element that “convert Torremolinos and the Costa del Sol in exporters of knowledge and tourism intelligence to all the world”. This is the challenge launched today by the mayor of the city, José Ortiz, at the close of the second promotion of the entrepreneurial entrepreneurship program ‘Go2Work’ of Torremolinos, led by the School of Industrial Organization (EOI) and the City Council, and who have completed 15 projects.
201712201418492160-580x387“Tourism is a big market. We should not only think of a destination as a reception area for tourists, but as an opportunity for internationalization and a power of economic development from which is our oil, tourism, which brings us to 12 million consumers with an average stay 4.5 days, visitors who are open to consume products and services that do not have in their countries of origin, “he said.Ortiz was accompanied at the ceremony held in the Palacio de Congresos by the president of the Affiliated Members of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and president of the Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality (ICTE), Miguel Mirones; the director of the Department of Innovation, Entrepreneurs and Pymes of Andalusia of the EOI, Dolores Martínez; and the director of the coworking of Torremolinos, María Zamora.

The entrepreneur, the vanguard of society

In his speech, the mayor praised the figure of the entrepreneur for what brings together the values ​​of “have the courage, think about a project and believe in making it viable.” “Society needs entrepreneurs, your talent and your creativity, and you are at the forefront of society,” he said. In this regard, he recalled the transcendental role of entrepreneurship in the economy and social welfare in a country where 70 percent of jobs are generated by SMEs-about 16 million-and there are around 3 million self-employed workers, he said. figures

The first mayor has pointed to the program ‘Go2Work’ of Torremolinos, in march since December 2016 and has now completed its second edition, as a result of consensus and the common bet of the administrations for the venture. Ortiz has pointed out that the coworking space goes beyond mere training, advice and initial mentoring of startups, but also their commitment is to “support the development of business plans and projects that are sufficiently innovative and attractive for private investors who can help the financing and start-up of these projects ”

The mayor has not hesitated to refer to Torremolinos as a key piece in the gear of support for entrepreneurship and business innovation through the structure offered by CADE offices, the coworking space, the Business Accelerator of the Andalucia Emprende Foundation ( focused on tourism innovation), and which has been anticipated to be expanded in the medium term with a business incubator of cultural industries for mature projects

Torremolinos, city of opportunities

201712201418479591-768x511“Torremolinos is a city of great opportunity, like the Costa del Sol for investment not only associated with tourism.” “We talk about entrepreneurship and tourism intelligence that has many derivations in innovation and in the development of products and services,” and with the triangle that forms together with the University of Malaga and the Technology Park of Andalusia “we must ask ourselves if they should be companies and investors from third countries who lead that process of innovation and applied technology or we can do it “, he encouraged.

The fifteen projects that have completed their training in the coworking of Torremolinos today have presented their business proposals in the ‘DemoDay’ that closes the program. And they have been able to do so in front of the President of the Affiliated Members of the World Tourism Organization (WTO), President of the Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality (ICTE), Miguel Mirones, and owner of Relais Termal, Spain’s first spa chain with eight facilities of these characteristics in service -more one under construction- and 11 hotels distributed by seven autonomous communities that add a global offer of 1,600 hotel beds.

Mirones has transferred his personal experience from entrepreneurship to his success as an entrepreneur and his progressive involvement as a leader of national and international tourism organizations. Mirones has pointed to “perseverance, capacity for improvement and continuous work” as keys to the success of a business project. “It’s not always right. There are difficult moments and we have to overcome the idea that when it fails it seems that it is because it has no ability to return. ” “There is no winner that has not previously failed, and as

Innovation as an essential element in tourism

The entrepreneur and leader of tourism organizations talk about innovation in the tourism sector “is fundamental”. “The industry has to be in constant evolution because what it is providing is an experience for clients that are part of a society that is constantly evolving.” “If you do not have that capacity to adapt to this social evolution, the products are obsolete.” “There is a lot of talk about digitalization, but there are many other components in innovation that are linked to the quality of the service, and the key is there, in the emotional quality in the provision of services”, he emphasized.


The fifteen projects presented today are ‘Filmark’, by Amiel Schoham, focused on the digitalization of products through the comprehensive management of marketplaces. The project ‘360º VISU’, by German Pérez, which offers virtual tours designed for the tourism and hotel sector in particular from computers, mobile devices or virtual reality glasses, with the possibility of incorporating interactive information.

‘Multipleskids’, by Ana Blanco, offers the possibility of having an online toy store specializing in multiple intelligences. ‘Esencia’, whose promoter is María Cecilia Chabrillón, is a cultural brand created in Spain with national and international expansion dedicated to creating intercultural and solidarity events where art is created as a new concept of life. Diego Manuel Rodríguez promotes ‘Woodi’, a company of handcrafted and decorative wood products.

‘Personal Tourist Assistant’, whose entrepreneur is Jesús Soto-Aranaz, offers a 24-hour service to tourists for all the problems that may arise during their stay at the destination. ” New Aires Celebrations’ by Gabriela Spitaleri, has decided to create a recreational space for children and adolescents in outdoor environments through activities that develop their skills and competencies in contact with nature.

‘Qoorder’ is a project of Víctor Fernández Sánchez and Manuel Fernández Vega, has created a technological app and web platform, focused on the HORECA channel, which allows the digitalization and visualization of the menus of establishments, their order and online payment. ‘LBA Service’, by Lenadro Barbosa, has developed a project specialized in the provision of services of perforation in concrete and carbon steel pipes.

The ‘Baya’ project, by Baya Marina Gil, promotes the creation of a census of owners and tenants of real estate where they can consult real references of both figures that provide security in the lease agreements. ‘Wide Consulting’ was born as a bridge service that promotes the interrelation and import and export of products between Dutch and Spanish companies; ‘Wifimir’, by Javier Moreno, involves the development of a mobile network coverage service that guarantees the provision of telephony and Wi-Fi service internationally and ‘China Spain Investiment’, by Hang Cheng, is a platform for investment opportunities and projects focused especially on attracting the Chinese market.

Finally, Daniel Kay Luque’s project with a perfuming solution for toilets in hotels, bars and other public places; and ‘Mapnético’, by Marina Díaz and Daniel Natoli, with the design and development of magnetic maps of travel routes, close the list of startups that have completed their training in the coworking of Torremolinos.

Open enrollment period to the third promotion

The School of Industrial Organization (EOI) has opened the deadline for applying for places to participate in the third promotion of the ‘Go2Work’ program and the coworking space for entrepreneurs. Of free registration, the call is up to a total of 20 places, preferably for projects or ‘learn start ups’ whose activity is focused on the tourism sector and will be open until December 29.

The call is aimed at entrepreneurs with a business project at an early stage of development, or with a recently created company and a seniority that is not more than six months before joining the coworking space. The center offers them a comprehensive program of training, mentoring and accompaniment by experts and they will participate in workshops to support their projects to increase their chances of success.

The five-month program, from January to May 2018, will be given from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm, and on Saturdays from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. After the training, the activities conclude with ‘demo-day’ in which they will present and present their projects to potential investors.


The workshops help entrepreneurs to validate the business model with agile methodologies, as well as to develop the essential soft skills to put it into operation, with contents such as ‘Lean Start Up: Evaluation and validation of your business plan’; ‘Crowdfunding’, ‘Strategies for communication in social networks’, ‘Creativity and innovation’, ‘Elevator Pitch’

In the group training sessions, specific subjects are worked on to boost and take off the coworking space projects, such as ‘Finance for non-financial entrepreneurs’, ‘Metrics and investment simulation’, ‘How to start up a digital marketing plan’ and the ‘Talent Management in an entrepreneurial project: design your team ”

Coworking participants will also attend mentoring sessions by experts, focused on accompanying entrepreneurs from the design of the business model to its implementation and optimization of the project, responding to the needs that arise along the way.

Registrations can be formalized online at the address, and any additional queries can be made by mail to the address and by phone number 630 540 Torremolinos.